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Maggie Richardson Headshots JOP_1158.CR2 2014 © Jenn Ocken Photography

Maggie Richardson Headshots JOP_1158.CR2
2014 © Jenn Ocken Photography


I’ve worked as a full-time freelance writer and content developer since 2005. I write blogs for restaurants and I’m a regular contributor to the Baton Rouge Business Report and 225 Magazine. My work has also appeared in EatingWell Magazine and on the National Public Radio program, On Point. In addition to food, I cover business, quality of life, philanthropy and other issues.

Here are some recent projects and stories:

Bank of St. Francisville blog and newsletter

Ruffino’s Restaurant Blog

Bistro Byronz Restaurant Blog

To go, or delivery? Restaurants see big surge in take out business.

Pop-up and micro food entrepreneurs are changing the restaurant landscape.

Todd Graves, CEO of Raising Canes, Washington Mardi Gras King.

An inside look at Raising Canes, the fast-growing international chicken finger chain.

Restaurant Possible: A multi-part business story examining facets of Baton Rouge’s expanding restaurant scene.

Some Like it Hot: An intimate look at Tabasco and Avery Island.

All about Zahtar: This Middle Eastern spice is big.

Couples who run together…Teaming up for the Boston Marathon

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Road trip series: Oxford, Miss.