Welcome to Hungry for Louisiana, a blog created by award-winning writer and Hungry for Louisiana author Maggie Heyn Richardson to celebrate Louisiana — and Southern — food and culture.

Hungry for Louisiana is a forum for celebrating and discussing the culinary culture of the Bayou State, as well as the foodways of the Southern United States. And if you’re a fan of my new book, Hungry for Louisiana, An Omnivore’s Journey, it’s also a place for you to find regularly updated bonus content.

As a Georgia girl who has lived in Washington, D.C., Miami, Florida, and — for more than two decades — Louisiana, I am captivated by the way food sets a distinct rhythm to life in the South – especially in my adopted home where seasonal and local eating was a priority well before it was cool.


I’m a married working mom of three school-age kiddos, and like everyone these days, I feel the frustrating frenzy of 21st Century life. In my kitchen, food is a sanctuary. Sometimes it’s fancy and beautiful. More often than not, it’s fast, ordinary and unimpressive. I believe it just has to be honest.

I love to cook and create, but I’m equally driven to report and observe, so on this blog you’ll find both recipes that have some connection to Louisiana, short essays, observations, book snippets and interviews.

Since 2005, I have worked as a full-time freelance journalist based in Baton Rouge covering the businesses, people, food and culture of Louisiana. I contribute regularly to numerous regional and national publications, including the Baton Rouge Business Report225 Magazine and Louisiana Kitchen & Culture. My work has also appeared in Eating Well Magazine and on the National Public Radio program, On Point.

My book on Louisiana foodways, Hungry for Louisiana, An Omnivore’s Journey, was released in March 2015 by the LSU Press. The book was an absolute blast to write. It’s about 8 of Louisiana’s most emblematic foods and their stories and includes recipes at the end of each chapter.

Hungry for Louisiana is available online on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Target.com, and in numerous regional bookstores including Barnes & Noble, Cottonwood Books (Baton Rouge), Garden District Book Shop (New Orleans), Red Stick Spice Co. (Baton Rouge), Calandro’s Supermarket (Baton Rouge) and Alexander’s Highland Market (Baton Rouge) and others.

I’m also a contributing author to The Louisiana Field Guide: Understanding Life in the Pelican State, edited by Ryan Orgera and Wayne Parent, and published by the LSU Press in October 2014.

Here’s where I write. Every morning, I get to pass the work of artist Pat Juneau of Lafyette, LA. Love that big hair girl!


I’m always interested in your story ideas and what you have to say about food and culture.

Please give me your feedback by emailing me at maggie@hungryforlouisiana.com.