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4th of July Giveaway: Enter this contest

June 25, 2015

Crawfish boudin paella chased with a gin-filé cocktail and followed by a Creole cream cheese snoball? What’s your most creative use of the ingredients featured in Hungry for Louisiana, An Omnivore’s Journey? Compete in this fun 4th of July contest and you could win a free, signed copy of the book and a complimentary package of hand-harvested bay leaves, so essential in Louisiana cooking.

I can’t wait to hear what you come up with! It’s not necessary to develop a recipe. Win by developing a deliciously creative menu that uses the book’s featured foods, including the foods they might be related to (ex.: jambalaya’s family tree includes Spanish paella).

Submit it here, or to maggie@hungrylouisiana.com.

Submissions due by July 3rd and announced on July 6th.


Jambalaya (or rice/paella)

Creole Cream Cheese


Filé (or sassafras root)




The more creative the dish — and the more HUNGRY foods you use – the better your chances!



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